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The Kitchen Window & Sink

How to screw up your kitchen before you even start!

Everytime I walk into a home under construction I wonder how bad the randomly placed window will affect the kitchen design. Usually, Builders place it according to the plans which seems correct, right? Well, I say WRONG and here's why.

First of all, this is not a knock on design professionals. I have the utmost respect for them but I am 99.9% sure the drafter / architect gave little thought to the actual kitchen design when creating the house. These days, it's all about form and not much energy goes into function. It seems the word "function" fell of the face of the earth long ago. What ever happened to Form Follows Function? Amazingly, most builders & contractors don't get this or just don't have time to care.

If you want to get off to a bad start on your new home / kitchen go ahead and do what the masses do and let them place that kitchen window without a second thought. Then your kitchen designer has no choice but to center the kitchen sink over that poorly placed window and work with what's left. This recently happened to me and it required the dishwasher to go right in the corner of an L-shape preventing anyone from standing there when the door comes down for loading or removal of clean dishes.

Rarely will the movement of a window several inches in one direction or the other have any affect on the overall exterior design appeal of the home. I deal with kitchens on a daily basis that could have been much better & more functional if the window placement had been determined by a personalized kitchen design rather than a random window placement.

So here's my advice. If you're building a new home, start your kitchen design process early on. Don't wait until the window is framed in and the plumber has already roughed in. Let your personal, custom designed kitchen dictate those placements.

Hopefully you've read this before it's too late and your new kitchen turns out both functional and beautiful, as it should. Bon Appetit!

Philip Sr.

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