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Kitchen Works has been remodeling homes since 1985. While some of those years were in a different state (California) & under a different company name, we have many years experience.

Home Remodeling is a different animal than new construction. Normally, our clients are living in the home during the remodel. Dirt, dust, & disruption to name a few, are just the beginning of a home remodel. Many times, our clients are washing their dishes in their bathroom by hand which gets old fast. Add to that the potential for unexpected cost overruns (they do happen) & now you understand how remodeling fever sets in.


We understand the home remodeling process and the stress it puts on you the homeowner. We try to clean up each day. Our Subs are polite & professional. We do our best to facilitate a smooth job schedule. Are we perfect? of course not. That being said, I don't think you will find another local company with the experience, skill levels & dedication that we have here at Kitchen Works.

Kitchen Works LLC

16572 Hwy 13 Branson West, MO 65737


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